Sunday, 4 May 2008

Autumn Colours

Eevry year at around this time, we try to visit Orange, a town in the Central Tablelands of NSW. It has a climate that is almost European, so the gardens of Orange feature plants that suit that climate. Cook Park is a beautiful public park near the centre of town that was planned and planted over 100 years ago. When we lived in Orange, over 30 years ago, my Sunday mornings were spent reading the newspaper in the park, while my husband spent some "quality time" with our son, playing on the swings and visiting the duck pond. Maybe that's why this park always has such a calming effect on me...but I think it also has something to do with the beautiful trees...

There's also a lovely old conservatory, where they grow prizewinning begonias.

Apple and cherry orchards surround Orange (it was named after the Prince of Orange, not the fruit!) and in recent years, vineyards have been replacing some of the orchards. There's some rather delicious wines coming from Orange now. We had lunch at one of the wineries, looking out over the vines and the mountains, and enjoying a glass of Zinfandel, which is a very enticing red. It went very well with our venison pie. A few bottles of it found their way into the car to come home with us, along with a bottle of a locally made cherry liqueur that we couldn't resist.

Campbell's Corner is an area planted for autumn colour and always worth a visit at this time of the year, too -

I needed a photo of the lichen growing on the road, as well. I'm sure there's inspiration for an embroidery there -

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