Thursday, 26 July 2007

A Thank You Gift

I'm going to a "Relly Rally" this weekend over on the coast. It's because of my great-uncle's 90th birthday. Uncle Alec is my grandfather's last surviving sibling, so the family decided that it was a great opportunity to get together.

My great-grandmother lived into her 90's, so she was a rallying point for the family for a long time. I think that's why the family have remained reasonably close and enjoy a chance to get together. I'm looking forward to the reunion on Saturday, but am not really looking forward to the 5+ hours of driving to get there!

Dad and I are staying with his cousin Marion, who loves to draw and is a talented potter. I decided that a covered Visual Art Journal would probably be a good thank you gift. I love the unusual yarn that features on it. I've been trying to think of a way to use it. It gets lost if I try to use it with thicker threads, and it's not the type you can embroider with, so I've couched it down with a machine stitch. I hope Marion likes it...

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Hand Dyed Cover

A few busy weeks and weekends have left little time to make anything worth posting on the blog.
Today, though, I covered a small book, using one of Lisa's gorgeous hand dyed fabrics.

The whole piece of fabric is dyed in beautiful sunset colours - purples, pinks, yellows and oranges. I needed such a small amount for the book, that the cover really doesn't do justice to the fabric, although I managed to reintroduce some of the missing colours with the threads that I used.

I didn't do justice to the cover with my photographs, either! The edge of the cover isn't wavy, although it definitely looks that way in the photos...

This is the front -

And this is the back -