Sunday, 19 June 2011

Beaded Bookmarks

I have dozens of bookmarks, but never enough. I'm always looking for another one, and resorting to bits of torn newspaper instead. That's why I think that bookmarks make great small gifts. They come in handy for saying thank you, or when a birthday card isn't quite enough.

That's why I've been making some more. These aren't finished off yet. I need to add a backing, and then satin stitch around the edge. Sometimes, I then use a hole punch on the end and add a ribbon tied through the hole. Painting around the hole with Fray Stop glue makes sure that the fabric doesn't fray after being cut with the hole punch.

These are also a good beading project to have handy in a bag with the chosen ribbons, beads, beading thread, a needle and embroidery scissors. I find them easy to grab as I run out the door!