Friday, 25 April 2008

Book Work

I haven't been completely idle over the last few months, although I haven't been keeping my blog up to date. These books are beautifully handmade by a clever graphic artist I found, occasional pages are made of gorgeous batik paper - a different colour in each book. With a textile cover made to match, they seem to make a hit every time. One of these was a birthday gift. The others went in "plain brown paper bags" to the two people who agreed to be my referees in the search for another job. They deserved a special thankyou!

I try to relate the cover to the colour of the batik pages inside. The batik pages in this one are purple. It was a birthday gift for Lee.

Another flowery one. I just love the way that this knitting yarn looks like fantasy flowers. The batik pages in this book are a citrus yellow, and the backgound fabric was handdyed by Lisa -

Sandra intends to keep this one handy for writing down those very special quotes she finds while reading or studying. The batik pages in this book are a purply blue. Sandra, my previous work supervisor, gave me a lovely dragonfly pendant as a farewell gift, so I just had to give her dragonflies in return -

I'm back!

Apologies to those of you who have come here hoping to find something new and been disappointed time and time again. Life just became very complicated,as it does to all of us at times. However, with a new job where I'm very happy, and a whole new outlook on life, I have both the time and inclination to blog again.

We had a visitor in the house a couple of weeks ago. We discovered him in the ensuite bathroom and think he hitched a ride on the washing we'd brought inside earlier that day. He was a handsome fellow, and rather large, so we carried him outside again and took a shot of him to share -

He was most amenable to being photographed, so I captured a few angles -

I'm fairly sure that it's a Bogong Moth