Friday, 25 April 2008

Book Work

I haven't been completely idle over the last few months, although I haven't been keeping my blog up to date. These books are beautifully handmade by a clever graphic artist I found, occasional pages are made of gorgeous batik paper - a different colour in each book. With a textile cover made to match, they seem to make a hit every time. One of these was a birthday gift. The others went in "plain brown paper bags" to the two people who agreed to be my referees in the search for another job. They deserved a special thankyou!

I try to relate the cover to the colour of the batik pages inside. The batik pages in this one are purple. It was a birthday gift for Lee.

Another flowery one. I just love the way that this knitting yarn looks like fantasy flowers. The batik pages in this book are a citrus yellow, and the backgound fabric was handdyed by Lisa -

Sandra intends to keep this one handy for writing down those very special quotes she finds while reading or studying. The batik pages in this book are a purply blue. Sandra, my previous work supervisor, gave me a lovely dragonfly pendant as a farewell gift, so I just had to give her dragonflies in return -

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Mai-Britt said...

What lovely book covers - truly inspired, I shall have a go myself when my studio is up and running again.