Saturday, 24 May 2008

Christmas is coming...

...and so are some photos for this blog!

I have a new digital SLR camera. It was a Mother's Day gift to both of us from my husband. He says that, on the grounds that he had something to do with me becoming a mother, it's only fair that he gets to share the gift. Hmmm.

Anyway, it's a wonderful Canon EOS (the same as the one I tried out). He wanted to make sure I was happy with the "feel" of it before he committed to buying one. I find that so many cameras are too big and clunky for my hands. They're obviously made with a man's hands in mind. I've always liked Pentax, for the reason that they feel right in my hands, but so does this Canon. The best part is that the lenses from Dad's camera fit it, and Dad has given me those. His sight problems (Macular Degeneration) mean that he can't see to take photos anymore.

The problem is, though, that I now have to learn how to use it, and the last couple of weeks have been rather busy. Our kitchen has been renovated in that time, and now looks fabulous, but the dust and dislocation has been rather a lot to contend with.

Last Saturday, I escaped the confusion and went to an embroidery group meeting. Needing something to take to work on, I unearthed a Christmas Angel decoration which I started embroidering a couple of years ago. It's embroidered with metallic threads on white silk, and will be a challenge to photograph well. So, the challenge for this weekend is to get a photo of it onto the blog. That's after I finish my study assignment, which needs to be in by Monday. But at least I'm getting ready for Christmas early!

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