Monday, 26 May 2008

Decorating with stitches

This is the Angel decoration that I've been working on. The patterns were in Inspirations magazine a quite a few years ago, and I've made one for myself and given a number away as gifts over the years. This is another one for me and will be hanging on my Christmas tree this year. Just a few more stitches, then I'll cut it out and sew around the edge (adding a hanging thread as I do that) and stuff it with a small amount of cushion stuffing.

And a brooch that I've made for myself. The background is silk paper, and the metal is a brass shim which I heated in the flame of the gas stove, to get some blues into it. I then machine stitched it, and painted bits of it with a blue-green nail polish andf a purply one, and added beads.

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Anonymous said...

Love this one, Rhonda