Saturday, 20 January 2007

What else inspires me?

I'm trying to get inspired to sit down and actually do some sewing, so I've been cleaning out cupboards instead (as you do!). I came across this bag and decided to share some of what has inspired me in the past. The bag was made to match a Chinese silk top (photo of the fabric is below) which I'd bought to wear to a wedding. I stitched metallic threads and fabric, along with squares of red leather, onto a black silk fabric, overlaid with an old chiffon scarf, which happened to have dots of red scattered here and there. Another guest asked where I'd managed to find a top and bag to match. It was very tempting to say that I'd been shopping in a very exclusive boutique. It's a shame that I'm so honest...
This multicolour pendant was made to jazz up a white t-shirt, which I was wearing with a skirt made of the fabric pictured below. It did the trick.

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