Tuesday, 13 February 2007

My glorious flowering eucalypt

Today I noticed red gum blossom caps on the lawn and path in my front garden. This is a sign that my favourite flowering tree is flowering early this year! I love the contrast of the bright red caps with the yellow-green blossoms and the grey-green leaves. It's a spectacular sight, and people are stopped in their tracks when they see it in all its glory. The bees love it, too - if you look closely, you can see three of them. It's native to Western Australia, and I should know it's botanical name because I know I've been told...but I've forgotten. It usually flowers in March, so maybe it's another sign of the way our weather is changing. I collect the caps and put them in a bowl, so that I can admire them for the rest of the year. The colour lasts quite well, although they do darken as they age. They look great in a potpourri mix, too.


Caitlin said...

Isn't it amazing how the colours are the exact complementary ones on the colour wheel? so cool! Great shot, beautiful plant. We grew plants in Dubbo I've never had any success with anywhere else - the red hot pokers up here just don't get as big or spectacular.

Stephanie said...

Yes the colour is great, having moved to Perth from Sydney I am amazed at the size of the flowering native gums here compared to Syd. There are a lot out in my street so I am lucky to see them every morning on my walks.