Sunday, 31 January 2010

A shoe for a Christmas Elf

Last year (or was it the year before?) Stitch magazine, published by the UK Embroiderers' Guild had a project in it that attracted me. It was tiny embroidered "fairy shoes". I lingered over my friend's magazine, thinking that I'd love to have a go, but deciding that they were probably far too fiddly, and that I'd get incredibly frustrated with trying to make them. As I use embroidery as my relaxation, frustration levels need to be kept as low as possible!
Anyway, my friend made them and they were gorgeous. Then, for our embroiderers' group Christmas party, we were each told to bring our embroidery gear and some beads because we were going to make a mystery project. Yes, it was the shoes!, anyway. And, of course, it was easy...and very satisfying. This is the result of my first attempt - the inside of the shoe still needs to be painted with gold paint, to disguise the stitching. But, isn't it cute? I've decided that it belongs to a Christmas Elf, which the Danes call "nisser", so I'll finish it by attaching a gold thread to the heel, so it can be hung on the tree.

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