Monday, 28 July 2008

Wedding Blues

My son is getting married in a few weeks time, and all the usual last minute wedding planning hiccups are happening. The latest is the cost of flowers for his two young cousins who are being flower girls. The quote from the florist was astronomical, so I was called on to help. We decided to get some white baskets and fill them with some very pretty artificial "petals" that my soon-to-be daughter in law had found.
So, I undertook to find and decorate some baskets. Easy, huh? Not a bit of it. There is not a "small cane basket with handle" to be found anywhere in this town. In desperation, I ended up in one of the shops that seem to be full of cheap gifts and clothes - and there they were. Little white wire baskets covered in organdie and beads. There was only one problem - the wedding theme is blue and white, and these were covered in gold beads. What a chance to play! And here is the result - it's not finished off yet, as there is still the possibility that the bride won't like it at all. But I please keep your fingers crossed that she does, too...

And this is what it looked like before...

And the very best part? The baskets cost $2.50 each!

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Lindi said...

It looks so pretty. Nicer in blue, I think.
Know what you mean about wedding costs. My daughter gets married at the end of Sept, and even tho'we set a budget for everything, it is very hard finding things to fit in that budget.