Monday, 9 June 2008

Memories of Judy

Quite a few years ago, at a Carol Wilkes workshop, I picked up one of the "petals" I was making and pinned it to my top as a brooch. My friend Judy, immediately took one of hers and did the same thing. It led to a bit of a competition, with each of us making textile brooches. Judy made more and always seemed to me to make much better ones. She went on making lots, and seemed to have a new one every time I saw her. Which was often. She was a good friend.

On Friday morning I got the news that she had died, six weeks after a heart operation that went very wrong.

On Friday afternoon, I was moping around the house, not able to settle to anything, when I found the original "brooch". I played with it some more, added some stitching, trimmed some threads, and now quite like it.

So, here it is. I'll wear it to her funeral this week, still wondering who I'm going to "play with" now she's gone. No-one else I know plays with fabric and thread in quite the way she did. I've lost a kindred spirit, and I'm very sad.


Mai-Britt said...

Oh, how very sad to hear that you have lost your best "playmate" and what a lot of lovely memories you have.

All my best wishes............

margaret said...

It's hard to replace those kindred spirits - in fact, they can't be replaced, but perhaps other similar ones will surface later. We're lucky to have had them at all. Playmates are hard to find!