Sunday, 16 September 2007

Weaving Threads and Ribbons

A piece of hand-dyed fabric in oranges and yellows, and a pack of mainly orange, pink and purple threads was the inspiration for the playtime I had today. I attached some lengths of ribbon to a piece of water soluble fabric, then wove the threads and other ribbons through. Some of the threads varied in thickness, which added to the randomness of the grid. I then stitched up and down the short lengths to stabilise it, and allowed it to distort the grid a little more. Circles stitched over the top hold it all down.

It's all I managed to do this weekend. The call of the glorious spring weather and the garden proved too much. Who can resist being outside when the garden is at its best? The ornamental peach is contrasting beautifully with the blue blossoms of the Blue Pacific bush right beside it
I just love peach blossom. Cherry blossom is good, but peach is so much better! I just love that pink....


Nola said...

Wow, doesn't it make an interesting fabric? Very textured.

Have you see Erica's fabric weaving on her blog? I was watching her do it yesterday, with these tiny little narrow strips, but the result is stunning.

judicreations said...

Your trees in bloom are absolutely beautiful! The colours are so very inspiring. We are having a lovely sunny, blue skied day but its still pretty cool out there. No chance of any bloom for some time. Enjoy and let it inspire your craftng.