Monday, 22 December 2008

Delicious Patterns

The Christmas preparations are on track. There's been lots of cooking done over the weekend, so still no time for playing with fabric and thread. That will come in the days after Christmas when we can all relax.
The Sourdough Rolls are made and in the freezer. They'll go extra well with the ham made from Free Range Pork, which is sitting in its calico bag in the fridge, smelling delicious and calling to me. Good thing there's a strict rule in this house that not a skerrick of it can be consumed before Christmas lunch!
These are the rolls looking pale and interesting as they rose.

And here they are the rolls looking tanned, healthy and good enough to eat. Yum!!

They smell wonderful, too!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Mmmm - you're tempting me to hop a flight to join you! I love sourdough bread, and paired with the ham? Well, I'm salivating just thinking about it...