Saturday, 6 September 2008

I bags this one!

There were handbags for sale at the Toongi Quilt Show last weekend. I fell in love with the handle/clasp on this one. The fabric and the beads are rather nice, as well. I used my recent birthday as an excuse to buy myself a gift.

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strawbs said...

Hi Rhonda, I am the quilter behind the quilt 'There's some corner of a foreign field' that you so kindly wrote about on Mai-Britt's blog. Thank you, you saw exactly what I had intended and it is gratifying to know I achieved that. I wonder how you feel knowing that I have now added the 'fields of wheat' that I had made to place on the poppy side of the quilt and got talked out of? My gut feeling says they should be there. Best wishes, Hilary