Sunday, 11 March 2007

Silk Paper Inspiration

A piece of silk paper that had been moulded into shape while it was still wet was the inspiration for this. The colours remind me of the sea, and coolness.

I must need another trip to the coast. We're 400km inland, and the temperature is still hitting the mid 30s C everyday, although the nights and mornings are starting to cool down a little - a promise that autumn is on its way. We seem to look forward to autumn as much as those in the Northern Hemisphere look forward to spring. It's the relief from extremes of weather, I think...and I've had enough of summer and heat.


rooruu said...

Just lovely! - and I agree with you about autumn, I'm OVER summer and the heat!

Caitlin said...

GORGEOUS colours, Rhonda! It's funny, because I grew up in land (Griffith, Dubbo, Wagga) I find the sea quite frightening. Give me a river to swim in (faecal coloform count aside) and I'm happy, but I will not go into the sea without a lot of coercion. *shudder* I like BEING at the coast, I like LOOKING at the sea, but it's full of nasty biteys!